Aaron James - "Jason"

Aaron James is a Colorado emigrant living in San Francisco. Once a collegiate ice hockey player in Boulder and currently training for his first triathlon, Aaron is an all-around athlete. He is a Summa Cum Laude finance graduate now working as a wealth manager for high-net-worth families.

It should come as no surprise that Aaron also loves a mental workout and acting has been the greatest challenge yet. His television debut was on the Wheel of Fortune and film has been his passion ever since. He studied with Nancy Berwid (First Take) and received critique from casting director Andy Henry.

Aaron has since appeared in several independent films screened in the Bay Area. He demonstrates his martial arts abilities in Gundown, his dark humor in the 48 Hour Film Project submission Twisting Fate and his dance moves in the music video for "Princess" by R&B artist JayKay. To contact Aaron, please visit www.aaronjames.tv.